After level Demotion There Have no "buyer Request " :(


I already lost my badge at 15 January.
after Demotion I don’t Find enough "buyer request " ( like every day I find 5 or 6 buyer request but This is not match my service which I provide)

What can I do??
what is the problem here??
Thanks in advance


create more related service gigs


I have already 7 gigs in 6 catagory.
before Demotion I was find huge request (like every day I found 50-70 request)


Hello ranarmlove3

I lost my badge at january revision too. Start a business is not an easy task.
Certainly i also see a lack of buyer request on my account

So how would you have the opportunity to improve sales and records with Fiverr if you don´t have access to the market demand? customers are the core thing!

Taking in consideration the restrictions on Gigs creation to prior status after a badge demotion.

I appreciate an expert opinion to help starting entrepreneurs


Hello ranarmlove3
You have to start focusing on your gig, share your gig to social media and other platforms bring more traffic to your gig. And keep checking buyer request after some interval of time and send the offer if you found some. Not today but after some days you will definitely start getting orders again.

Good Luck