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After months of delivering a project I get a chargeback

I had completed a project for a client which took almost 3 months to complete. and after almost a month after payment, I woke up to see a $320 deficit on my earnings tab, and my ratings way off as the order was now deemed cancelled. I thought this was a glitch and immediately contacted Fiverr hoping this would be resolved, but I was shocked to find out that I had been burned and had to deal with it. Apparently, the buyer had requested a charge-back after 3 months of data entry had been delivered. His account had been deactivated but he contacted me with another account claiming Fiverr disabled his account. Even now, I am executing new projects for him(Which I have obviously put on hold), I even hinted him to check with his financial institutions just in case he had the issue, but he claims to have nothing to do with it. I still have admin privileges on his website which makes me feel he might be telling the truth as any sensible criminal would immediately kill my admin status on his website once he gets the hang of it. What annoys me the most isn’t the cash lost, but my ratings which have now plummeted. I figure even if Fiverr can’t do anything about the money, they could do something about my ratings after seeing that I 'm the victim here. Please is there any way out of this dilemma


As soon as buyers request a chargeback, fiverr automatically bans their account, so that’s probably why the original account isn’t there anymore.
I don’t know about this whole thing, to me it sounds like he did request a chargeback but since you keep working for him, he might just do it again and leave you with even more of a loss. He probably figured that you wouldn’t blame him and keep working for him basically for free so that’s why they let you keep working.


I think so too, will confront him again, and if no valid response comes forth, I’ll probably go make a mess of the site

Well, I wouldn’t suggest you doing that but I could definitely understand you there :smiley: If it was my client, I would probably tell him that I won’t work on any further order until this is resolved. Explain to him that you have a big minus on your account because of that and maybe - if possible- suggest a different payment method. Good luck, hope you can resolve this issue.


Thanks for the suggestions

Be careful you don’t want to jeopardize your Fiverr account. I would report it to Fiverr’s Trust and Safety first.


Already did that. All they said is “This is the grim reality of internet based transactions”

Thanks super crap you got a charge back . “This is the grim reality of internet based transactions” thats a bit meh as far as CS goes for me, i mean sure there are fraudsters out there but Fiverr must be seeing an increase in chargebacks of this nature, it’s a regular topic on forums. I wonder if Fiverr plans to implement something in the future to make this a more balanced decision process, spending the money they are on fiverrpro etc, i would expect some level of change to the financial transaction process.

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