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After more than two months of completion.. buyer wants refund

I had this ***** buyer… who placed an order with some samples and instructions. I followed exactly. Then he says … I don’t want this thing and tried to cancel. I didn’t agree… so the order was marked complete. Being nice to him I wrote… send me your materials again and I will make the new thing … in the same money …
RESPONSE? no reply.
two months he was asking for refund…
I told him … ‘so you have woken up?’

eventually I wrote … contact fiverr for cancellation …

FRIENDS! … how do you like my story. :sweat_smile:


Is it even possible to cancel an order after the 7days clearance period?

Don’t think its possible… but I am waiting… if he contacts fiverr…
The only thing I get out of this is a bad feeling and taste…

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If your story is true, it probably won’t go well.

The buyer might interpret this as rude. I don’t necessarily think it is, but since you also said you told them to contact Support for a cancellation they will likely do so. You could end up with the money lost due to the cancellation and a warning for your words to the being. I’m not sure why you would do this when you could have ignored the buyer or politely said “No, thank you” and kept your funds.

Support normally wouldn’t cancel an order so long after completion even if the buyer asked, but since you told the buyer to ask, they probaby will cancel it. They can manually cancel any order at any time.


It doesn’t make any sense.

You delivered an order to a client, he didn’t like it, and demanded a refund. You declined, but you offered to do extra/additional work for him – for free? And, months later, when he didn’t receive the additional work you offered, he demanded another refund? And, then, instead of reminding him that the work is complete, you invited him to contact Fiverr so that THEY can cancel the order and give him a refund?

You really don’t get how this business thing works, do you?

Don’t offer to give your work away for free. Don’t make offers or promises, and then complain when a buyer responds negatively to your failure to follow through on your offers. And, most of all, if you completed an order, stand up for yourself! I really don’t understand why, months later, you’re telling the buyer to go ask Fiverr to cancel the order. You earned that money. Why would you encourage Fiverr to cancel the order, and give the money back to the buyer?

Why? Why would you do these things?


By this you mean that you offered him to do the work again for the same amount of money?

Here the great story - Fiverr support cancelled to completed order after 4 month and it was charge-back $500 in my account. Which is extremely ********** thing. Even they did not ask or message me before cancellation.

That order was 100% successfully completed and buyer had given 5 star rating on that order too.

Even i asked to CS about that details of cancellation, They don’t given proper answer.

After that, I leaved the fiverr for time being and my whole profile has been ruined.

Your Fiverr profile doesn’t look ruined to me. I see all of your gigs listed there, your self-description, your languages, skills, education, even a personal photo. What exactly do you feel is ruined about your profile page?

I means to be - I lost all sells because of My level gone down 2 to 0 level now. Gig has been automatically hide from the search pages and etc…etc. If you see my profile - my last delivery is almost 4 months ago… Which is not profile ruined?

No, your Fiverr profile page is not ruined. Nor are you “ruined” just because you were demoted. We’ve all been demoted at some point, and yet, thousands of us are still doing just fine. Why are we doing fine? Because we’re taking productive action to improve our ratings, and become better sellers.

Levels are just milestone markers – visual badges that show how successful you have been at meeting Fiverr’s success levels. You can be just as successful at “level 0” as you can at Level 2.

You haven’t delivered any work in four months. Okay… so what steps have you been taking in the last four months to find your customers, improve your gigs, and position yourself for new orders? Or, are you just sitting back and complaining because “everything is ruined”?

Complainers never succeed.

Nothing is ruined. Nothing is ever ruined, or lost, so long as you have the drive and motivation to pick yourself up and keep going. Your potential for success is still there, you just have to earn it. And nothing is hidden from the search results, unless Fiverr gave you warnings, and told you that they were removing your gigs from the marketplace. What you see in the search results is not what everyone else sees.

Please stop complaining, and DO something to reclaim your success. YOU are responsible for your own success. YOU are responsible for earning your gig orders. So get out there and make it happen!


I think I am just behaving spine-less… i shouldn’t really…