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After my 3rd order i am not getting any order or message what should i do?

I am a wordpres developer and graphics designer.
Can anyone suggest me what should i do for my sales?
Where i can help my target buyer and encourage them to buy my gig?
Please i need it very badly.
what forum and blog should i post for my sales and where?

Desperation is a poor business strategy.

To effectively market your gig, figure out who your target customers are, do some research to determine where those customers are located, and then go to that place (online or off), and tell them about your services. That is how you market a product or service.

There is no easy route to success. YOU will have to do some research to figure these things out for yourself. Marketing, and target markets are not the same for everyone. Therefore, there is no one answer that provide the answers you seek. You’re going to have to find those answers on your own – through your own targeted research.


okay. i am trying my best. Thanks for your reply.
But do you have any specific suggestion for me?

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There is no one answer to your question. You will have to determine the specifics of your unique situation.

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you should be patience until get new order. Patience is a great virtue