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After My Gig Post, I Get Interesting Requests

When I set up a gig titled “I can send you anything local from Malaysia”, my thought was to help buy local stuff for Malaysians who are living overseas and homesick. But the requests I received were way different than what I expected. Instead of having locals, I got people from all over the world to get me ‘complete tasks’ for them. For example, they get me to buy a simcard and send to them, solving legal cases in local courts, getting contacts from companies that does illegal drugs, exporting fishes to them…
They are totally so random, yet it’s interesting to see what help I can offer. However, I have not earn anything at all because at the end, the task was not ultimately completed to them. Even when I have mentioned that I have spent time and effort to do all the researches. It’s more like a gig that only takes my effort but no payback.
Realistically speaking, I doubt I’ll get any revenue from this gig. I get upset when I’m not acknowledged with any appreciation (or just say ‘thank you’ to me). But if you are someone who’s looking for business opportunity, I’d recommend you to have a gig like this. You will never know what you have right now, is on demand in another part of the world. However, I’m not a business trader. I just want to help buy some local stuff and send it out.
Having said all that, the ‘most normal’ request I’ve gotten so far is to get me test out a website, and see if my telco are able to read the website. And that is considered a do-able gig.


That’s so hilarious!

@adoreonline You should be very careful when shipping items to other people. They might be asking you to ship something to them because it is illegal in their country, city, or state. One of my gigs states that I will ship to the customer (virtual assistant gig) and I have received messages asking me to ship items. I always research the country they are wanting an item shipped to/from and the item. I have found that a few of these requests have been illegal and if I was caught doing so I would then be arrested. Everyone should be cautious when taking requests for buying and shipping items.


Thanks. I’ll take precaution.

Indeed, I’m always careful on that. I am extremely particular if they need me to send stuff under their request but my name (some prefer the company to send it to them, then i wouldn’t be affected). Also, the requests are really weird so I do a double checking. Far as I know, even planting seeds are not all legal to be exported.
I just wish that I am assigned to something simple, like sending over a pack of local cookies!

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Hi, after reading your reply, I went to check on your gig. It seems like being a virtual assistant is more relevant to me because most people who contacted me, wanted me to do researches or making calls, etc. I have a specific question for you.
Have you ever do something for them and the result is not what they want?
For example I get several requests asking me to find out certain things. And if it’s what they want, they will want me to get it. I could easily spent hours by ‘finding out’ for them regardless of results. What would you do then?
I think I should create a virtual assisting gig like you have. But first I need to tackle all those questions thrown to me before.