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After nearly 300 jobs


Well, I got my first 3 star review…I’ve never gotten a 3 star review. What’s worst is the review is totally inaccurate.
A client hired me to voice a script…less than 100 words for $5. No problem. With smaller gigs like this one, I usually will voice a couple of different versions. I think of it as good customer service and it has given me many repeat customers. So, for $5 I voiced my client’s script and added a couple of different reads…I was on time. After sending her my recordings, she contacted me and asked me to attach my voice to her picture. I responded quickly and told her I only do voice overs and have no way of adding my voice to her picture. I offered her a refund. She refused my refund offer and instead posted a 3 star review. The review said I was great and responsive…but didn’t include a video.
Really? So this client was expecting a voice over and video for $5??? So now I’m stuck with an inaccurate review smack dap on my Fiverr page. I’ve contacted Customer Service.


So then what about your overall rating


The buyer probably didn’t read/understand the gig properly. Maybe the buyer saw the gig description said things like “Narration”, “Radio Ads”…and “YouTube Videos” etc. and assumed that the gig delivery could include a video.

Maybe add some text into the gig description to make it even clearer. eg. add something like “Voice overs that are perfect for:” (and then list those things).


Thanks for your suggestions!


My overall rating didn’t change which is great…but that false review remains on my page and that’s too bad. But life goes on. Unfortunately, Fiverr is more “buyer friendly” than “seller friendly” which makes sense I guess.


I had a happy client who gave a good review and a three star one only for the reason I wouldn’t have an extended discussion with him about things I don’t do that are not concerned with my gigs. I know the review can’t be changed.


Yea, I’m stuck with the 3 stars. There really is no way Fiverr can police reviews…there would be no end to sellers disputing reviews. I’m not a big fan of a buyer’s review staying hidden until the seller posts their review. Just another way Fiverr gives 99% control of the final sale to the buyer…not the seller. This is understandable…sellers are probably a dime-a-dozen. Buyers are Fiverr’s target audience. All in all, compared to other similar sites, Fiverr is still the best online marketplace.


@purpledog32, your gig title says that you will voice radio commercials, but in the gig description, it says: “What you get for $5”, then a list of things, and then something that looks like another list (Narration, Radio Ads, Whiteboard , YouTube Videos, ESL scripts, Company training videos, Real Estate, On-hold Phone Messages, National Ads & MORE). Someone might honestly think that they can get any of those things (or, even worse, all of them) for $5.


Very good observation! Thanks.


This is really frustrating for a seller on this platform ,i had an experience like this but as you said life goes on it’s really true ,never lose hope and never get demotivated this is what i have learned from my experience

i hope everything will be okay with you

best of luck


Hi arrumi96,
Thank you for your supportive and understanding post. You are spot on!
Best Wishes


you are welcome :slightly_smiling_face: