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After one day from order. Biyer wants to cancel it?


Hi, I got a order and after one day he wants to cancel the order saying mistakenly ordered. Is there any way to cancel this without affecting to my ratings?



I think there is no way to cancel it without affecting to your cancellation ratio. Then again you may can contact with Fiverr customer support.


well you can contact fiverr to cancel the order so that it does effect on your profile


Well all you need to do is to contact customer support and let them know. They can cancel it but cancellation will still affect your order completion ratio. It happened to me twice last month


Buyers mistakenly ordering your gig, its because your gig description might be confusing…cancellation ratio will definitely affect your account


This is the killing thing that’s often disliked by fiverr sellers.


Thanks all for your support. Already opened a ticket. Waiting for their response!


Your post doesn’t make sense!


Hi Lloyd,

He’s doing the same thing other users did some months ago: copying comments, passing them through some kind of program to rephrase them and paste it as theirs.

It has become an epidemic and still no vaccine :frowning_face:


Yes, and it looks like they are doing it because they believe that being “active on the forum” will bring them more sales.