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After one month my gig was denied today because Copyright Infringement


after one month my gig was denied today because Copyright Infringement. why this happens ?


do u have any active orders on your gig ?


no.but that was my best selling gig :disappointed_relieved:


Perhaps you were selling something you didn’t have the license to sell?

#5 selling logo intro animations .all are made by me.


how do i recover my gig?:disappointed_relieved:


You can try to submit a ticket to Customer Support and ask them for help.


thank you for the help :hugs:


I had a similar experience. A gig that had been active for well over a year and was performing quite well. I went back to CS and asked them to look into it. They reinstated, but couldn’t/wouldn’t tell me why it was cancelled and why it was reinstated.



Have you used images from Google? If yes than that will be the reason. If you have created your own design for your gig image than contact to support and and show your gig image source file



No all are created using adobe after effects :sunglasses:


Contact to CS and inform that you have your own images and show them proof. If you show them a proof they will reinstall your gig again.



Did you use any downloaded logo on the GIG image?