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After one week of vacation

Hi everyone, i’m Costa. I would like to know your experience with the “vacation mode” here on Fiverr.

I’ve been in vacation for one week after i came back i had one order and the views, impressions, and clicks were growing back to normal but after one week i see my numbers decreasing,

Today when i opened the app i saw 17 views, 182 impressions, and 10 clicks. Before the vacation mode, i had between 15-30 orders per week and 5k-7k impressions, the rest of the numbers i don’t remember anymore. Also, i want to mention that i have 4.9-star reviews and over 200 orders in the last 3 months, my cancelation rate is 92%.

Now, my question is, has someone been in this position before, and if yes how long did it take to get back to normal, and if you’ve done something maybe like contacting the fiver team?

Thanks in advance.

Costa Motresku


Welcome Back,
Actually FIVERR is good if you stay active as you was on vocation, and you did’t even visited FIVERR which also effected your gigs ranking and order rate.

And one thing more at the moment Fiverr have a bug in IMPRESSIONS, VIEW etc.
That’s why impressions stuck at point.
Hope it will be resolved soon, and you will get ranking back to get more orders.


Thanks for the answer

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