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After order completed with 5 start review and clear the balance the order will be automatically cancel why

how this happens could you please help me how I do my earn money back from fiverr?

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What do you mean by automatically cancelled? Sometimes cancellations happen if the buyer initiated a Paypal chargeback.

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My mean, i have completed one order before 15 days today that amount show clear but after 10 min

i got notification the order is canceled i seen buyer activity he not active last 2 days then how it possible to cancel the order which is already mark as completed with 5 star rating


also the buyer account is not longer shown in fiverr, is it fake order?

this thing is too much affect my profile lose money rating goes down order completion ration going down

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This is what I mean that most likely the buyer initiated a Paypal Chargeback – meaning the buyer cancelled the order from his Paypal account. To clarify on this you can politely ask Customer Support for an explanation to what happened.

Yes, sadly any kind of cancellation will affect seller statistics. I’m so sorry this had to happen to you.

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Might be buyer deleted the profile

yes exactly i saw he deleted his profile… what i need to take step

thank you for you explanation any chance i get back that money?

we can’t do anything in this case. we can say that was the fiverr bug they need to fix this.
reason been we achieve that 5 star from buyer giving quality work and good service.

You won’t get your money back. Take it has a Fiverr experience howbeit a sad one. You can check through the forums for ‘paypal chargebacks’ and you will find hundreds of buyers that have experienced something similar. It is what it is, a part of Fiverr the admins do not care about enough to want to change, a part every seller prays not to experience.

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okay thanks rajesh i lost my $300 in this job

yes right but this is a mistake from fiverr and fiver need to pay me that amount

That’s really sad to hear that!:zipper_mouth_face:

I have had this happen where fiverr have cancelled the order saying I didn’t deliver anything and when I showed them I did. They gave me the money back. Don’t back down.

yes i have proof which i delivered, what is proceed to back money from fiverr?

could you help me on this huester1?

As you’ve been told, contact Customer Support. They’re the only ones who can help you.

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exactly I faced the same problem today.

If a buyer got his money back via charge back paypay - fiverr automatically suspends his account, and that is why his profile isn’t visible.

you should raise complain on help desk they will do help further, i had got solution from them they did refund my money and suspend fake buyer account

I had a $25 charge back and Fiverr gave me $20 in credit to use on the site when it happened.