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After over 2 months, buyer is demanding refund

Hi everyone! I’m already talking to CS about this, so I mostly just want to be sad with you guys for a moment.

A year ago (I think?) I was contacted by a buyer who wanted a series of works done. This isn’t unusual for what I do, so I said why not. I never signed any document promising her any number of completed orders though.

After the first, I realized I was in trouble. The revisions were endless, her demands never ceasing, and the projects were already really intense and long (at a minimum 6 weeks but they regularly stretched to 8 or 10 weeks) to begin with. I stuck it out for 3 whole orders with this person, but I began to hate my work and dread hearing my Fiverr app go off because I never knew when it would be her complaining. However, she was always pleased with the eventual end result and left glowing reviews and messages.

After the third project, I decided enough was enough. I gave her a two month warning that I would not be open to taking on any more of her projects and she should find someone else. She whined and complained and all, but I assured her that there’s lots of talent on this site and someone else could cater to her better. When she continued to message me, I blocked her.

Now, two months after that last project, I receive word that she’s contacted CS for a refund of the last project because I didn’t ‘fulfill our agreement.’ I’m so hurt. This is six weeks of hard, hard work and a 1300 dollar loss that I’m facing. I was panicking this morning, but now I’m just so sad. This person not only made me doubt my love of what I do, but now she’s trying to take back the hard-earned money I was paid as well.

I’ve provided proof of her love of my labor to CS and pleaded my case with my whole heart, but all I can do now is hope that Fiverr sides with me. I have no idea how this is going to go, but I’m just really sad.


Keep us updated please! <3


Thank you so much for caring! It has certainly been a day. I can’t stop checking my email. I’ll let you know what happens.

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That is so horrible. How could they even have enough decency and nerve to do that to someone who worked hard for you and you know that spent weeks of their life on your project.

Is the order showing “cancelled by fiverr support” or “cancelled by buyer”?

CS should never cancel orders without contacting sellers. It happens way to often that they cancel orders without even looking into order page and just believing buyer’s words.

But that’s why I never blocking anyone, just in case, because blocking can go so wrong if client will go CS. I’d rather ignore their messages.


What did you actually deliver here? More importantly, can you find evidence of your buyer using your work? If you can, this obliterates her case for a refund. (Not that she has one.)

Also, has this order already been refunded by Fiverr? Or are they telling you that your buyer is trying to get a refund

If this has already been processed, that’s pretty sick.


Thank you! It has been a bit rough. The order isn’t officially cancelled yet. CS reached out to me to let me know that the buyer was attempting to get a refund through them, and asked what was happening. I explained the situation, sent them a significant number of screenshots backing up what I stated here, and they’re continuing to look into the matter. The CS rep has been super kind and understanding, but we all know that there’s always a big chance that they’ll settle on the buyer’s side of things.


The buyer accepted the order December 3rd and left a 5 star review.

The order isn’t officially cancelled yet. CS reached out to me to let me know that the buyer was attempting to get a refund through them, and asked what was happening. I explained the situation, sent them a significant number of screenshots backing up what I stated here, and they’re continuing to look into the matter.


Oh, sorry! I delivered an 80,000 word novel. I might be able to find evidence of her using it. I’ll have to check.


Was this an e-book? If you can find if the book is published (or has been since you delivered) CS will have no option but to refuse a refund. Just make sure to provide proof and point out that you are aware of our rights as far as copyright is concerned.

Edit: Ok, yep find where the book is published and show CS ASAP. (And show us so we can be nosy.)

If you can’t find it anywhere, send a copy of the manuscript to CS and show them that you delivered a full blooming novel. Explain that this was what you offered in your gig and explain that as your buyer left a 5-star review, you were at no point made to believe they were unsatisfied. Neither does your buyer have any free revisions left.


I have reason to believe she hasn’t published it yet, unfortunately.

I didn’t send the manuscript to the CS rep, but I did explain exactly what she was given and showed screenshots of everything, including the glowing comments and review she left afterward.

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Well there is a cottage industry of authors and book publishers who purposefully outsource work like this to new freelancers because they know they can cancel orders and get books written free. My first ever order on UpWerk was for a 60,000-word book the buyer reversed payment on.

I fought back by publishing the book myself and getting their version removed from Amazon.

I would send CS the manuscript ASAP so they can see what you delivered. I do not think they go through files in your order inbox and check for themselves. They just look at screenshots. Make sure that they know that you feel very upset about the idea that orders you deliver here can be potentially be refunded weeks after delivery.

If CS has contacted you before cancelling this is a good sign, However, you really need to get across the fact that you did deliver this order and you do not wish to cancel or be taken advantage of like this.

Good Luck!


Why would she wait two months then try for a refund? Tell CS you do not want to cancel. If she left a 5 star review then I see no reason for a cancellation.


One of your clients is the same as mine. I really hope it’s not the same person! (Though I haven’t done any work for her for almost a year now and experienced no issues.)


This is so terrible! My heart goes out to you. I am keeping thumbs that CS will decide in your favor. Don’t give up!!


Have you heard any news yet?


Gads! That sounds awful. Keep us updated @bdun08


She shouldn’t be able to punish you for refusing to work with her on future orders, especially if she’s left glowing reviews - BUT you never know with CS. I really hope they side with you. Please keep us updated X


Brilliant! I wish it doesn’t go that far, but If I were the OP I’d keep that in my backpocket


Any time I am forced to do a refund I let my buyer know that they can’t use the work, and that I will be posting it to my own blog. If they try to use my work, Google will downgrade their ranking since it’s been plagiarized. Only one time after that I found my work on someone’s site. I sent them a message linking it to my blog which obviously had an earlier date on it. Turns out that the site owner had no idea and they quickly removed it. I imagine they never hired that scammer again.


I do the same thing. Usually, it causes a major freak out. I don’t say I will use it on my blog, though. I say that I have had several people try to use my work in the past after canceling. In this case, I use plagiarism software to identify if my work is being used, then send take-down requests with web hosts. I then finish by saying I have a 99% success rate.

This is my experience too. One was a top hair replacement clinic in the UK who took my content down immediately, but then also ended up ordering several articles with me directly.

Another was a crypto blog who thought they were publishing content from a big crypto influencer. When they found out that this influencer was trying to bully people into writing for $6 per article (and reversing payments) while charging them $150, they were livid. Now the influencer in question isn’t exactly an influencer anymore.