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After pressing save and continue it's not working

I am making a new gig but when I’m pressing save and continue It’s not doing anything it’s staying on the same page. why is it happenig can anyone help me?

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Try clearing the cache of your browser, then refreshing the page.


You might be missed any options to fill out properly or maybe use some wrong word mistakenly. Have you checked any red mark to shows anything?

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already did just now but still not working

Nothing… everything is just perfect. no red marks

pressing and then wait some time.

Yes, this is a good idea. Because sometimes it takes more time than usual. Otherwise save all in a doc file and try another time.

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It can take a really long time, especially on a lower computer or a slower internet connection. Once you click save and continue wait at least 10 minutes without clicking anything at all or opening new tabs. If it still fails, clear cache/cookies and reboot your machine. Try again with a full 10 minute wait. If that doesn’t work, you’ll either have to wait until later or contact Customer Support. Most of the time this is just a patience issue.

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