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After publishing the gig can I change or add images to my gig?

Hay good people, I already published a few gigs. Now I think I need to change one gig image. Is it going to hamper my gig ranking?


If it’s new gig there is no problem.

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Thanks, @azimulhossan that’s a good advice.

You can change what you need anytime. But remember if your gig impression or click is good then don’t do anything. Take sometimes and see what will happen.


Thanks, @mehedi_shawon for your advice.

You can change anytime

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Thanks, @subrata6630.

Yes surely you can update your gig images, description or title considering it could affect your current gig rank in the marketplace. If your gig is new you can play around with these things without any hesitation.

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Thanks, @mbilalmirza for your clear explanation. I will keep this in mind.

yes its effect on your gig its better if you open a new gig if you are new seller but if your gig already getting sale so you need to change it when you have some pending order.

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Good advice @piczadesign I will keep that in mind.

Yes, you can change your gig image and also add more.

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Thanks, @cosmyc_cube.

You can change your gig image or anything. But its affect your gig ranking. When your gig publish within 24 hours you can change anything of gig, its not a effected I think.

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Thanks, @quix_seo, smart suggestion.

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Welcome & thanks to you for your compliment