After putting in request?


When I put in a “request” – is it then up to the designers to respond to me? Or is there a way that I reach out to designers I’m interested in?


You can search for the designer you need and then message them from the gig. Sometimes in Buyer Requests Buyers and other Sellers illegally advertise their gigs so you might find somebody through there. If not, search for your designer and then message them from their gig or gig page.


Thanks, Braden. If I don’t seek out a designer, will designers reach out to me per my request?


If you set up a buyer request, a designer may(and probably will) send you their offer or reach out to you. What do you need done if you don’t mind me asking.


If you put your request into Buyers Request, you should receive plenty of offers. I do voice-over work and when I’m looking at requests to bid on, more often than not, there are at LEAST 6 offers per request. I’ve even seen requests with over 20 offers, if it’s been posted for a few hours.


Thanks for the help, tee.


I agree the tee_ hi comment
that is perfect***


@worldbeat99 Sometimes you will get many responses to your request, but in case you don’t find one that is high quality you may want to be searching out sellers on the may search page. You can locate the category that you are interested in and filter the results by several factors including delivery time, level, etc. I am a buyer and seller. I often get the best results by searching for sellers unless I need to purchase a service that is very unusual or hard to find. It’s always good to try both, though!