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After Rating down Why I not getting any order?

I’m a seller on Fiverr since 2019. I started my journey on Fiverr in 2019 and I got my First Order in 2020 the first month. But unfortunately, One client came to my profile, and he placed the order and then outsourced it from another seller and I receive some commission. But when this same client Placed a second order then Outsourcing from another seller, now in these case, I no receive a commission, and Unluckily this client not satisfied with my outsourcing work. after all this client gave me a Very Bad rating for that reason I’m not able to send offer to other clients and not Buyers request.???

Please Give me good advice Now what to do I do slight_smile:

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If you can’t get another order or send offers to buyer requests you could try asking CS if you can close the account and create another.

In future if you were going to outsource your orders I don’t see how you would profit if your price for that gig starts at $5 and if they bought the $5 package. Take into account want the reviewer said, eg. the character they wanted adding. If you outsourced it you could have let the person you were outsourcing to know they needed to use that character. If it wasn’t possible to add and you created a custom offer you should probably have specified in the custom offer text that the character they designed couldn’t be used in it. If you did you could have said that in the reply to their review.

If they think you overcharged and they weren’t you could have replied in the review why they weren’t (eg. if the custom offer was a higher price than the basic package maybe you could have specified what was provided with the custom offer that wasn’t in the basic package) - or whatever else would show they weren’t overcharged.

Maybe put in the gig description or FAQ any restrictions like whether you can use their custom designed characters or not.

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