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After receiving 10 revisions my client wants to cancel the order

Hi, a week ago I received an order from a client. I had 3 days time to finish the job. I finished it the next day. and then she asked for a revision. Which I provided the same day. After receiving the work she did not accept my delivery.

She said that she want to get the video approved from her client. After a few hours she texted me back saying that she want another revision and this time she totally changed the job and said “I’m sorry my client did not made himself clear”.

So again I provided her another version of the video. She again said that she wants to get the video approved from his client. Then she again came back asking for more revisions.

This kept happening for a week she asked for revisions again and again. I argued with her that why is she asking for so many revisions to which she said “I have no hand in this. My client asked this”. This happened probably 11 times. Her client would disapprove the work. And she would ask for me to do more work.

At the end I said I’m not gonna provide her any more revisions because the revisions don’t make any sense. And now she wants to cancel the order.

I’ve provided her so much of my time. I’ve done the job that she asked for. She keeps asking for more and more. I don’t want to cancel the order I want to get paid.

I can even send you the screenshots of the chat I always do what she ask for and then she says “It looks great, thank you let me just show it to my client” and then she comes up with another change. She also tried to scare me by saying that she’ll leave me a feedback that I won’t like and then later she apologized. I can send you the screenshots

What should I do know? I want to get paid


Refuse cancelation, and send all screenshots to Customer Support. If the buyer tries to cancel, keep refusing. Wait for the answer from CS, and don’t engage the buyer further.


Ok great. That’s exactly what I did they said that they’ll reach back in 10 business days. So, I posted the complain here. I even forgot to remove the text that says “I can send you the screenshots” :laughing:


Just send them the screenshots if you haven’t yet. Threatening with a bad review is against TOS. Demanding revisions beyond the agreed amount (I hope you didn’t offer unlimited revisions!!) or changing the initial instructions is also against TOS.


We here are not Customer Service.

You can contact CS at


He’s already done that as he said above. CS is taking way too long atm, and I guess he was just asking for advice here. I would trust some sellers here way more than CS in terms of strategy and how to deal with clients anyway.


No I haven’t send the screenshots yet. I mentioned that I can send them. But I didn’t attach. And no I did not offered unlimited revisions. I did not offer any revisions at all.

BTW what do you think they’ll do?


Hard to say. If everything is exactly as you described (client is changing instructions due to a third party that you have no control over, threatened you, etc.) I think CS should definitely side with you. But truth is they are very hit and miss. I would submit all evidence you can. And be very nice to them, that helps.


Ok great I’ll send them the screenshots also. Thank you! :grin:


It sounded to me like @usssamaa thought we here were Customer Service since on the Fiverr App the Forum is listed under support. I wanted to make sure he had indeed contacted Fiverr support and it sounds like he has. Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Come back and let us know what happened.


Not on the first post, but his first reply to me


There’s one mistake though. I did not submitted all the revisions through the “Deliver modified work” Button. I submitted them through the chat. Would that be a problem?

If you didn’t offer any revisions, that shouldn’t matter nearly as much. Did the client open a revision? Or just asked and you delivered? Ideally, you should always deliver a revision after a request. But sending a file through the chat is not breaking any rules. I have some long term buyers that don’t open revisions, they just ask me for an alteration in the chat and I deliver there, no problems.


Oh ok that’s great. I did submitted one or two revisions through the “deliver modified work” button. And then she asked for more.


I had an order like that but I was the buyer who had a seller add their own scenes to my order without asking so there were more revisions then there had to be with proper communication. My advice is to ask questions as you go on their preference and ensure they see something they can’t say no too, high quality service. My order was rushed but I paid for revisions so I would start charging for your time as well. :ok_hand:t4::wink:


I’m totally curious about how it will end. I’m a new seller and I’m offering unlimited revisions. I’m saving this thread to read later if i have similar problem.


Haha, I’ll let you now when they reply me. I didn’t offer unlimited revisions though.


its unfair. lot of work and later cancellation. buyer should be positive thinking, not to give loss to seller.


Avoid sending work in Inbox as long as the order is in running state.
You can take permission from the support to add your own watermark before sending the file(s) to your buyer to protect your artwork from any kind of misuse.

From the Fiverr Help and Education Center:

Adding a Watermark to Protect Your Work

Adding a watermark helps you protect your work; buyers will be able to preview your work, but they won’t be able to use it.

When you deliver your Gig, your Buyer will see a watermark on the image preview until they accept and complete the order. Your original image will not be available for the buyer to download until after the order is marked as complete by the Buyer.

To activate the watermark:

  1. After you log in, from the Selling menu, click Gigs .
  2. To activate the watermark, click a Gig title.
  3. Next to ACTIVATE WATERMARK , click to enable it.


  • Activating this feature automatically adds the Fiverr watermark to the images in the Order page and your portfolio on your Gig page.

  • The watermark will appear on image delivery previews before the buyer accepts and completes the order.

  • The watermark will only appear on images from completed orders in your Gig Portfolio. It will not appear on images you upload to your Portfolio.

  • The watermark will only appear on the following image file types: JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. It will not appear on images attached within ZIP files.

  • The watermark is not added to files sent through inbox or order messages.


Offering “Unlimited Revisions” is just asking to be taken advantage of. I know many new people here think they have to do this in order to gain trust or clients, but, that is not true. Only offer 1 to 3 revisions - if they keep changing their mind, then they need to pay extra.