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After reporting on my first page ranking Gig

As an expert Freelancer on Fiverr can you tell me some of my Q?

My Q is :

1 A Buyer of Fiverr is given a buyer report. The problems start from there. Now No one able to see my gig on the Fiverr search page, It,s about 2 months since I am facing this problem. I don’t know when it will be solved.

Can you tell me Please? I will wait for your important feedback…
Thank You.


I am facing the same problem, my buyer reported my profile and now gigs are not showing in search.
Let me know if you get any expert help on this matter, I need the answers too.


Not all Gig of my profile are making this problem. Just one Gig which has gotten report accidentally.


Are your other gigs showing up in search? and are you getting messages from new clients from other gigs?

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Other gigs are okay.

Let me know if someone can give good advice, I need them too.

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Hope, we will get some good advice. Let’s wait.


Who reported you for what? How do you know you have been reported? Did you receive email explaining you have been reported and for what?

What do you get when you check your gig under Manage my GIG help section Gig status?

Is your GIG active or paused or require modification?


Screenshot is removed.

You need to remove the username of the buyer from your screenshot as that is not allowed.

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The buyer is kicked out from fiver look down.

First of all you should check your gig is active or not. Secondly if it is inactive then you should ask help center why it is inctive .

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No, I check it.