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After Seven Months Wait I Got An Order

I’ve questions regarding my fiverr gigs and also need to clarify some issues. Before sharing that let me tell you that I’m a graphic designer and my gigs are about pattern tile design, business card design, vector portrait artistic work.
As my title of the topic already telling my problem. I have five gigs in my fiverr and I’ve joined June,2019 and got total 3 orders this year in March April. I don’t know but after having 3 successful orders (5 star rating) I had 7 months long no order. My first question is…

  1. Am I allowed to hire any fiverr seller to promote my gig for $5? That I can grab more orders?
  2. What is the reason behind getting less amount of order? Does there a tough competition would be a reason?
  3. I’m not yet level one seller, let me know my lackings after seeing my gigs please
    Thanks in advance

Which type of the services your Provide on designing ?

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Tile and textile design like pattern and background design.