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After some update on fiver my sale is down why? my rating is 96% can any one help me how to increase


can any one help me how to increase the sale. and how to make gig good


Use the search feature in the upper-right corner. Your questions have already been answered.


I have also experianced a drop in the amount of orders lately.


A friend of mine who also is on Fiverr had told me that he too observed the decrease in number of orders and he thought the reason: changes in how your Gig information is saved now, with those new options like: package etc.


I think what a lot of people forget is that each day more and more people sign up to Fiverr and there is a big chance that some of them might be selling the same things you are and there for giving you more competition and more of a range for buyers to choose from.

I regularly search for my gigs and see what the search displays. Remember that people can change their gigs at any time and there for they might be now offering better packages then what you are, there images or videos might be more attractive than yours and there for pulling buyers away from your ect…

Just take some time to have a look around and do some research and change what you have to change to get your search impressions back up again.

Best regards