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After successfully completed order, why showing gig in "newest arrivals"?

I successfully completed three jobs and also I got three 5-star reviews on my Gig. But right now my gig staying “newest arrivals” categories. why showing gig right now in newest arrivals?


Go to the Best Selling option and see how many orders sellers have completed. Although I feel happy for you with at least 3 orders completed succesfully, it is still not enough to appear as a best seller. Good luck on your journey! :smile:

Congratulations to you!

Congratulations to you

Did you just recently open an account to sell here? If so, your Gig will be marked this way for a short time (I can’t remember if it is 2 weeks or a month) Be glad you still have that - I think those may be shown higher in the pages for a time to give new sellers a boost. I have seen many times in the forum, where people did really well when they had that title on their Gig as they were new - and when that title went away, they are in the forums confounded because they were “doing so well” when new and now that this little boost is gone, they are having a hard time being seen and getting orders.