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After the first level, why I can not order?


I’ve Place gig last month, was a regular order. Seven days ago I got a level, then why can not the new order? [ I send every day buyer request ] Now what should I do?


Maybe nobody needs logos for now !
Maybe they saw your work decided to go elsewhere !
Maybe !
Buyers are not robots that buy everyday and everything on fiverr, you get your ups and downs like everybody
Also, work on your english my friend


Make sure you’re continuing to promote your gigs on social media. The more views your gigs get, the more visible they are. Despite making it to Level 1, you still have to do a healthy amount of self-promotion. Perhaps that can help…


Hi!! It might happen that sometimes sales get a little slower, but never get discourages, because it might only be that at this moment not many people need the service.
Always be persistent and keep on sending requests and promoting your gigs on social medias!! Hard work will pay off!


Your performances can not be found by people who want to buy.
Promoting out to the right target market for your product.
Or sleep without sales


Thank you


Thank you so much


Thank you