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After the First Order, I have no order Yet

Hello Fiverrers!
Hope you all are doing well. As I share that, I got first order within three days after opening Fiverr account. Thanks who congratulated and Suggested me! I was really happy and appriciated. Hours gone, Days gone, Even week! I have no order in my profile. Guys, I am not hopeless. I just wanna to know from experience seller who already selling good or have a better idea about Fiverr Algorithm!
However, I wanna to know, how can I improve my Gig and Profile more. Visit Gig Here.
Advance Thanks!


All the answers you seek are already on the forum. Try doing a search and spend a couple of days reading and implementing the tips you find.

i am also suffering
from first days i got the orders but now it’s been 10 days i dont get any order :frowning: :frowning:

Dear, Don’t worry. try more and build your skill. I hope you will be Success very soon.

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