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After The Search Algorithm


Hi ,
After the fiverr search Algorithm testing my gig is not present in the recommended category Why? But it is present in the average customer Review section. the Sales and Impression is going down and down.


Brother It means you have to change your search tags to get impressions. To get clicks you need to add an attractive photo or video to get views add a fully detailed description.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes you are right But i am talking about something else. Read the Post Clearly .


Facing the same issue. Hopefully, will fix itself soon.


Right, and if you read the whole forum clearly you will soon discover that every other post is about the effing search algorithm and sales that are going down. I feel the urge to donate a box of Kleenex to all the whiny posters.


Now their are up’s and down’s in Impressions on a huge level. @mariokluser