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After thirty-four 5 Star reviews, I got my first 4.7 review :(


Hi everyone, trust you’re all doing great. It was just an ordinary day, you know, the usual, until I delivered this order. I had offered this service at half my Gig description’s price only for the buyer to leave a 4.7 review for no just reason. I’m deeply bothered. I would love to earn my reviews, and I expect that if the buyer has an issue with the delivery, I should be able to fix them.

Regarding the buyer’s overall experience, I’m sure I responded very quickly (less than two minutes) to every question he had. I also provided an extra service of delivering the order in a different format. In any case, I know its part of the job, I just need a hug…


Ohhh…Its bad luck only…
and fiverr do not help you.



I am sorry this happened to you.

A 4.7 rating is still a positive rating. The truth of the matter is that it is not possible to satisfy every buyer 100%. Although you may not see any reason for the buyer to have deducted those 0.3 points, the buyer might have had their own reasons for doing that.

There are also some other buyers who think it is impossible for humans to be perfect and, therefore, never give their sellers a perfect 5.0 rating (no matter how exceptional the service).

Therefore, I really don’t think you need to worry about it. Just try to unwind yourself by doing something relaxing and move on to your next order. :slight_smile: :hugs: :hugs:

P.S: It looks like @ahmedghumro is being extremely pessimistic cuz I guess he might have had a not-so-pleasant experience on Fiverr of late.


4.7 is not even close to bad review. As @hanshuber16 said:

And it is advisable to not force your customer to change the review to five stars because it is a violation of terms of service.

I love this! :stuck_out_tongue:



There are many things learned in life and in business. My biggest takeaway is that you should never compromise in either. IF someone is reaching out to you trying to build a relationship, whether personal or business, based on a discount. Then are only setting yourself up for disappointment.

Know your worth, hold true to that worth and never compromise for anyone. You will find that those asking for you to discount, are usually the ones that require the most attention with unrealistic (at times) expectations.

Keep your head up,


Think 4.7 is bad? Try getting a 1, a 3, a 5 but with an insulting remark. Try getting demoted until you’re all the way down to level 0. Try seeing your order completion rate fall from 90% to 89%, even though you haven’t refunded any orders in a while.

If it took 34 reviews for you to finally get a 4.7, that means you’re doing great.


I totally agree with you. I had a similar experience with a buyer who ordered a $5 gig after quite the debate. He has requested over 3 modification outside the original scope of our agreement and he’s becoming a nightmare as he refuses to cancel the order. I’ll take this advice.


Trust me, I’m extremely meticulous. For me, it’s not just about the service, it’s about perfection. And it hurts when someone admits the job is perfect but won’t leave a perfect review.


Yes, I feel the very same.
Maybe we have symptoms of Perfectionist. Maybe we have over seriousness to remain perfect in some points. :sob:

I got an 1* for auto cancellation where I had nothing to do, even the buyer and CS tried but failed to made that correct.

Good luck for upcoming projects!


Thanks a lot…Grateful


Being a perfectionist is noble, but you can’t control other people’s reactions to your work. You can only do your best and hope for the best.

Just now, I got a 4.7 after someone demanded a revision request. I didn’t do the revision, I explained to my client in a polite way, why what I did was right, and couldn’t be revised. Then thanks to the blind review system, I gave him 3 stars and wrote “OK experience.” Now I feel guilty because he gave me 4.7 stars.

In the end, it’s not a big deal, my overall gig rating is still 4.9. My point is don’t let less than perfect reviews get you down. They will happen whether you’re a Fiverr PRO, TRS, level 2, level 1, or level 0.

They happen to people who charge $5 and $1,000. In the past, refunding orders would remove bad reviews, now it doesn’t.

Before, you could write “If you can’t give me 5-stars for my work, I would rather refund this order.”
Now you can’t.

Same goes for order completion rate. In the past, it didn’t matter. You could be a TRS with an 86% order completion rate, then Fiverr changed the rules and a lot of people got demoted.

The important thing is to keep going no matter what happens.


4.7 is still pretty good but i understand how you feel


Thank you. I just felt a little unhappy…


Just keep going… It’s a part of business… 4.7 is not a bad review. Keep yourself ready to face the hurdles and difficulties, if you want to achieve a big goal. Just be happy and work hard and that’s it.

Good Luck!:sunglasses:


Thanks a lot. I appreciate this.


4.7 stars is great.
You haven’t lived until you’ve joined those of us in the 1-star club. Then you’ll truly appreciate the 4.7 reviews :smiley:

Keep your head up.


I don’t wanna ever be in that situation. :roll_eyes:


Lmao!! Those that are in this situation never for once think they would… Just pray you don’t encounter issues that could lead to 1 star review…its takes just luck not to encounter things like this not only by your doing!!!


It is worth noting, that 1-star review was technically earned. The only way to get a “this seller did not deliver on time” 1-star “auto cancellation” review is to not deliver an order, be late for a few days, and then have a frustrated buyer choose to demand his/her money back. And the buyer has every right to do that, if he/she chooses.

When the buyer demands their money back because you didn’t keep your order promise, and deliver on time, the system posts a 1-star review on behalf of the buyer. You don’t get into those kinds of “auto cancellation” situations unless you choose not to deliver on time.


Honestly, though, that isn’t the buyer’s fault. You are the seller who requires perfection, and is expecting a perfect review. That’s just not practical. Each buyer can leave any review that they want. This is allowed within Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

While you didn’t get the perfect 5-star review that you wanted, I’m glad you still earned a positive 4.7-star review. That’s a great review. You impressed your buyer, and he/she expressed his/her appreciation – you should be proud of a job well done!