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After Two Years of 100% Rating


I’m down to 99%.

Not because I did anything wrong, no the order was delivered on time exactly as ordered but because my “positive’ review was a three-star 'Satisfactory” rating. Did the buyer do anything wrong? No, they were “satisfied”, which is perfectly reasonable.

SO WHY DID I LOSE MY 100% RATING??? Really, this is how you treat a PERFECT seller after two years without a single negative review, ever in over 250 handmade & mailed orders? REALLY???

I’m p*ssed off.


Wow. Yeah, I can see why you’re angry. I posted a rant about it on another thread - how a buyer has to exaggerate in order to not accidentally harm a seller’s ratings, or a seller has to ask a buyer to exaggerate to preserve their rating - totally not good for business.

I was steamed that two 4.3s (or there abouts) knocked me down to 98%, and then I realized my Fiverr rep really didn’t matter that much to me. There are so many sellers with terrible ratings that outsell me, it’s hard to be upset about what the messed up Fiverr system ‘has to say’ about my work.

That probably didn’t come out as supportive as I meant it to. :slight_smile: What I’m getting at is that you know you do quality work, so try not to let a flawed system burn your biscuits. Especially when that system has very little (if anything) to do with your success here.


I think those of use that were around during the thumbs up/thumbs down era have a much closer attachment to our high ratings than new sellers. If you were an honest seller, it was much easier to maintain, as even someone who maybe thought your work was just “okay” would still give you a thumbs up, which wouldn’t affect your rating. Now they can just give you three stars and it does.

What I hope is happening is that buyers are becoming less hung up on working just with sellers with perfect 100% ratings. Like, for example, if I purchase something from an Amazon marketplace seller, I don’t have any reservations buying from someone who has less than 100% (as long as it’s not below 90%)–especially if they have the book that I want. I think, especially with new buyers, they don’t expect you to have that perfect score, and since they can go through all of your reviews and see that it’s not because you’re a liar or a scammer, you’ll be okay.

Anyway, I think a lot of us were those kids in schools for whom anything less than a perfect score was a failure (that was me, anyway). Maybe that’s just not realistic here on Fiverr?


Well, one of the reasons I am ticked off is that I’m a perfectionist and I demand more of myself with my work everywhere and I like my ratings to reflect what I work so hard to maintain.

Here at Fiverr I have not a single lateness, negative review, I’ve made sure every customer was satisfied, replacing lost or items that didn’t fit perfectly for free (taking a loss on the time and postage), never argued with a customer and have only four cancellations in two years – and those were accidental click cancels.

And, this review wasn’t even a bad one! So yeah, I’m annoyed – it’s partly my own character that I find this so frustrating, but I honestly have worked hard to be an ideal seller for years here. I was actually one of the first handmade artists here (it was all computer stuff when I started).

It’s just a real suckish thing to wake up to. :frowning: I know in the end it doesn’t matter, but why try hard then, right?