After Update the GIG was not visible in page



we have update some text in my GIG Yesterday, it was done successful but when we check it in gig page my gig was not visible . even we check it the 1st page to 50 page my gig was not there we have already wait more then 24 hrs but still can’t get solve the issue, can you please help!?? :pensive:


It may take several days before your gig reappears in searches.

Note that your position is not guaranteed and it will fluctuate.

Best of luck.


i am not talking about the position but at least it will show in any page but it will not show… it was not happen regular
its 1st time happen when we update the gig the it will not show in page,
I hope you under stand what we day.



Have you ever noticed a change in your gig position?

That’s how Fiverr works.


ya i know better, when we make any changes in gig they will appear in 12 or 24 hrs but it will past more then 42hrs and still not see the gig in 1 to 50 page.


If you are update your gig tittle tags or description i think it’s over. same thing happen to me. i just add my price package my gigs impression down 450 to 25


I’ve heard that 24 hours is usually how long it takes for Fiverr to review a gig after you make updates to it, but it can take longer sometimes. If it takes longer, perhaps Fiverr has a review backlog. I’ve experienced delays myself, (including an actual glitch in the post-review process on a gig over the years), but my gig(s) have usually returned to their respective categories in due time.

There could be any number of reasons for a delay in your gig returning to its category. I encourage you to be patient and monitor the situation. If the delay is unnaturally long (and I’m referring to many days – not just 1-2 days), then maybe a simple inquiry with Customer Support is in order.

For the most part, though, your gig is usually just out for review. Let Fiverr do their thing, and keep watching for your gig to return to live status.


Thanks for the let me know we are waiting for the replay now for the CS.


Same issue with me logo flow.
I also searching my Gig but not available on any page.


we are waiting for the resolve the issue.


Thank you for this announcement. However, please keep in mind, we can’t do anything about your issue here on the forums. We can’t speed anything up for you.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still waiting, but Customer Support is still the only source of your resolution to this issue. Please be patient. They will respond when they are able to do so.


Thanks for the let me know, that’s why we are waiting for the replay for CS.