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After Updating Gig, It Could Not Be Found in Search Ranking


I have been updating my gig past few days and yesterday, after I changed the gig description, title, pricing and uploaded new images, voila, it suddenly went out of search ranking. I could not find it anymore under my category. I don’t know why.


If you had read the many other topics about this on the forum, you would know that all gig edits are reviewed. Gigs are removed from search listings after edits are made, so that Fiverr staff can review your gig edits. In most cases, the gig returns to the listings if Fiverr staff approves of the changes.

Please be patient. There is nothing wrong. This is normal, and just means that Fiverr wants to make sure that sellers don’t break any rules within their new gig updates.


Okay. So Fiverr staff did not approve the listing. They approve the other newer listing which is of the same nature but they didn’t approve one particular older gig that had lots of orders ever since that I had edited. I am curious why. The gig is now not showing in search rankings and the staff didn’t even informed me why. They just removed it then and then? I have been editing my gigs previously but this has not happened. Only after I edited yesterday that this happened. It is really bothering.


I have seen gigs with worst advertisement than mine but they are not doing about it. They approved them. But when it comes to my gig, they are hesitant to approve it. They don’t like me to earn period.


I have contacted support and they seem to ignore me.


You will have to ask them. :wink:

We have no insight into each individual review decision that Fiverr makes.

I know it can be frustrating, but, if your gig isn’t allowed in the listings, but Fiverr lets you keep it active (meaning, it’s still on your profile page), then, in order to get sales on that gig, you’re going to have to market and promote it on your own.

But, then again, you should be doing that for all of your gigs anyway. :wink:


It is really frustrating. Very very very very frustrating.


No worries., If your gig do not appear with in 48hrs , contact CS, 4days back i updated my gig, i edited my packages, after that my gig didn’t appear in search result for more than 50hours then i contacted CS , they responded in with 2hours and sloved my problem in just 5hours, my gig is back, Hope u got me :wink: I got new order too :sweat_smile:


Be sure not to pester them, or demand an answer… they don’t like that. Be patient. As long as the your Customer Support ticket remains active, there’s still a chance that they will reply – on their own time.

If a support ticket has been close (i.e., “Solved”), then that’s an answer right there. Fiverr’s solving of that ticket means that there is nothing more that need to be said, and as far as CS is concerned, the issue is closed.

Never, ever make demands of Customer Support, nor expect them to do what you want them to do. Be polite, be helpful, and respect them. They are busy people, and handle hundreds of tickets every day. Imagine how annoyed you might be if you were busy helping many different people, and one person kept begging for special treatment.

Be patient. Customer Support will respond, if and when it is necessary.


Why would they do that? The one gig that I had that had lots of completed orders is the one they are not showing in search ranking even in the recommend or best selling section. But the other gig that I have that have little completed orders they are showing that in the search ranking. But since, it has only small no. of completed orders, it is not ranking high. In other words, they remove my most ranking gig because of the changes I’ve done to it yesterday just so I can get more client attention. I do not violate terms I think. There are gigs with worst advertisement strategy than mine but they are showing them. This is getting so unfair.


I don’t know. I am not Customer Support. I cannot answer for CS.


I respect Customer Support. They have been very active to my complaints ever since like an hour after the ticket posting, they give me a reply. But right now, just today, I have not received a reply yet. I will wait patiently today.


Glad to hear it. Patience is always the best course of action.


@jonbaas you are wrong. I am not demanding an answer. I am in fact patient. I was just wondering why they took so long to respond. When in fact, they are very prompt in giving answers before. This is the first time it took so long. Of course I understand they are busy but hey, my case her is getting worst day by day that I am worrying I would be like the sellers who have given Fiverr a bad review in review sites. I have read their experience and it was intriguing.


Not always. There used to be a time my gig would disappear after making changes. I wrote CS each that that happened, and eventually they fixed the problem. Nowadays, my gigs don’t disappear.


I don’t know what else to tell you. You’ll just have to be patient. If the ticket is still open, then that means that CS might still provide an answer. If the ticket is closed/solved, the the issue is closed. Beyond that, only CS can help you.


@fastcopywriter you mean, when you make changes to your gig now, they still show in the search ranking and in the same rank as it used to be? thanks


I experienced the same as well. Fiverr is getting better with the glitches.


Sorry this happened to you!
We don’t know the reason they did that. We can’t even see your gig that was removed to guess why.


They have not responded yet. I sent them my case 5 hrs ago.