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After vacation mode, starting from 0


hi there, i hope your new year is going well.

i am a level 2 seller, and by profession i am a software developer.
about 3 months ago, i turn my vacation mode on, and when i return from my vacation, i see that my gig impressions and views all that gone 0 and now i have to start from scratch by buyer requests and some of old clients.

so, anything you can advise me, or any tip for me,
it will be a boost for me.



You could try asking customer support about this but if you were gone for 3 months it might be considered too long. I’m just guessing but maybe customer support could help you.


Gigs get removed from search when you’re on vacation (otherwise there would be a lot of confused and therefore angry buyers). If you have turned the vacation mode off and your gigs are active again, you should start getting views again, it just might take a while.


Thanks for you suggestion. i ll try customer support and see what they suggest or say.


I don’t think CS will be able to help, but try by all means.
I use vacation mode a lot and it takes a couple of weeks for orders to start coming through in the same volume as before.
One way to get your profile more visible quicker would be to create a new gig as Fiverr’s search engines favour new gigs.


Create a new gig

yeah i am assuming that a good option. cool i ll give it a try :slight_smile: thanks.


This happened to me last year. Except for I was on vacation mode for 5 days. When I got back my fiverr ranking was destroyed. I was getting 4 orders a day and it went to 1 a week. I simply had to rebuild from scratch… took a while (4 months) but I learned a valuable lesson. To never go on vacation mode (unless if you’re a top rated seller/ambassador I’m sure any problems they may have would be resolved). If you work on fiverr full time and are in the midst of building up your fiverr business it’s simply something you have to make apart of your life even your vacation. So this year I will set my delivery time for longer… just in case! I will have to message clients though and maintain orders while on vacation. At least for now It’s the life I’ve chosen… and I’ve come to except that. I’d take it over an office job any day.


I had to take about that same time off, and it took me a couple months to really get back to a normal flow of orders I had been used to prior. Keep doing what you did that worked and give it time.


I agree with this, create some new gigs, edit some gigs and hopefully you will be getting some orders shortly… :smiley: