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After vacation my gig is dead. Need some advices

Hello guys,

My account was in vacation mode for 27 days. When I was back I got no orders for days, then I tried to change the title, description, etc. My gig used to be really “famous” getting 5-10-20 orders/day. Support is telling me all is ok.

Please let me know what do you think about my gig, what can I change? I just want to work as I used to do since Fiverr is my only income source. I know my potential and my service quality, but can not live without orders.

Thank you so much for your time guys,


as of now you have already 10 Orders in queue, that means all is ok?

You could try to offer faster service for the same $5. All my gigs are 3-day delivery, that works for me.

Reply to @theguestpost: All of them are custom orders from my past customers.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

My current delivery time:

7 days without extra

24 hours with extra fast option

I will try to make it faster.

Thank you for adive,


Hello, you need to decrease your delivery time because i can see your delivery avarage time shows in 22 days and normal delivery time mention as per your description in 7 days, its a too longer.

please make almost 3 days to normal and 1 day for fast delivery. it will be better for increase sales soon :slight_smile:

Add some kind of preview video. Fiverr gives more traffic to gigs with videos, and I can confirm from my own experiences that changing your video earns you increased traffic in search results. I try to update my videos once a month to keep things fresh.

Reply to @webexpert1313:

I already setted up to 5 days and 1 day for fast delivery. I am waiting to get orders atm :slight_smile:

Thank you for advice and your time,


Reply to @theguestpost:
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Reply to @dukanu: My other advice is to create some urgency, write something like:

LIMITED TIME! Delivery Time Reduced from 7 Days to 3 Days with Basic Gig. This Week Only!

Reply to @jamesbulls:

Thank you for adivice. I was thinking to create a video presentation. Now, I am sure I want to do this.

Thank you for your time,


Reply to @fastcopywriter:

That’s actually a great idea!

Thank you!

Reply to @dukanu:

It happened with me once, You try to sort out your gigs in high rating or recommended. It will surely appear there once you do sorting options from the left side of the window.

The reason your gig has changed the position may be the vacation mode and no orders in your acccount.