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After verification can i change my profile picture

After verification can i change my profile picture, is there any implication?

Your profile picture has nothing to do with Fiverr’s ID verification process.

I didn’t even use my profile picture when I successfully verified my ID on Fiverr. I used an entirely different picture.


You even cannot use premade picture for the verification, just a selfie you take right there.

Well, you are given access to your gallery/photos folder on your smartphone during the verification process. So, technically speaking at least, it is possible to use premade photos. :slight_smile:

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When I did it a few of weeks ago, I couldn’t access to my gallery. :open_mouth: Or maybe I was blind or silly. I don’t know! :frowning:

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It’s not really your fault. To be honest, it’s kinda hard to notice (it was not very obvious). I will give you that much. :wink: