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After waiting a month, received a new order

After waiting a month, received a new order.

Never lose hope. :blush: :blush:
Just keep trying, Success will come soon.


congratulation brother

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Thank you bro :heart:

Congratulations Brother :heart:

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congrats bro :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Congratulation. best of luck.

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Thank you so much :heart:

Thanks a lot :heart:

@princeishere Thanks man :heart:

@imagination7413 I got a notification that you edit or something like that…
I mean, Is this the power of regular badge? can be edit someone post?
[Take it positively]

No worries. Yes, the edit was moving your thread into the proper category.

For more information on forum badges and levels:


Okay… And Thank you very much :heart: