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Again caught in same situation

I don’t know if I should add screenshots over here but i am dealing with a client who was very friendly at first and now is a total nightmare to deal with.

We agreed on a price and I even offered him some discount seeing that she may not be able to afford the true price.

But ever since I have done that her demands have increased and is now requesting things in the name of revisions which are part of the premium package.

I have tried sending extras and communicating that I can’t t do that and I also have other orders to consider.

But she is still causing me some stress but thankfully my past bad experiences with buyers have prepared me well for this kinda situation.

She has stated that quality of work is poor and opened a dispute.I know if she went to CS then what is going to happen.I am not biased but if I have to judge things based on my one bad experience in the past,CS doesn’t really bother much about me.

So I am reaching out here for advice

If I accept to cancel then My OC will decrease but since I don’t have a level to maintain yet this is not the problem.The problem is that the buyer is lying about this thing and I am pretty sure if someone from CS can read through the order page they will notice it as well.I mean who in the world goes from asking for modification and then opening a dispute and stating quality issues.This is a loophole in the system.Same thing happened with my first bad experience and CS said to me that we can’t make the buyer accept your delivery. I mean CS said many more things like we can see you have delivered the work according to requirements and then actually cancelling but I am not trying to ramble on.

Suggest me some good advice @jonbaas @fonthaunt


From my experience, a lot of trouble starts from this.

The client can’t cancel the order based on the quality of the work. That rule is clear in Fiverr TOS. At least that’s what I know.

What the client can is leave a bad review, even if it’s true or not. Therefore you need to balance out what it’s more important for you: getting your money and risk a negative review or cancel it just to avoid this situation.

While this is not a situation that is fair and I understand your struggle, this is what it is, and we have just to deal with it.

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Thankyou for taking time out for sharing some things I didn’t know @manucornel

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