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Again on fiverr

I ran fiverr account before and it was cancelled for literally no reason. I want to open an account now and I need to know can I use the same paypal or I have to open new one and start fiverr profile under new username. But most important can I use old paypal as I can’t find answer anywhere for this.

It can’t hurt to try or you could contact CS.

Accounts are not closed for “literally no reason…” Depending on what you were selling or trying to sell, it probably was against the TOS.

I have read on different forums people who just re open a new Fiverr account after being banned “for no reason”, sell for a couple of months and then find their account banned again - reason why? Because they used the same PayPal and email that was banned in the first place. (or, they tried to sell what got them banned)

I would first make sure what you are intending to sell is not on the ban list here, and then use an entirely different PayPal and email to raise the odds that the new account will survive being cancelled for literally no reason…