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Again one completed order were canceled


Today another one of my completed orders were canceled. I don’t know what’s going on.

In order page, it shows “Order Canceled By Customer Support”. Actually, I noticed one thing that is that buyer’s account removed or deleted a week ago (in the inbox it showed me “The buyer cannot be contacted anymore”) I think the buyer’s account was terminated due to some reasons. Now my question is “Is that the reason why the order canceled or any other reason could be?” Thanks. Anyways my order completion remains at 100% Thank god.


See my reply in this other thread from today, seems to be the same issue. Good your rate at least didn’t drop, would be good news if it wouldn’t now by default, hope it stays that way!


First Time I saw someone’s order completion rate has not been decreased for paypal chargeback without contacting support.May be fiverr fixing this problem :thinking:
Lucky man .
This is one kind of good news.


Sorry to hear that. You probably need to contact Customer Support about this issue.