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Again today get very bad experience


Hi Everyone,
Today I get a very bad experience. I do my job perfectly. but the client gives me a 1-star rating. what can I do now?
This is a client message. the client told me, you get your money :rage::rage:
please pray for me. never get this type of clients.


Pretty much nothing, move forward. You cannot please every buyer.


my heart is broken today.


At least he/she didn’t request for refund and took away your work. Just think positively about what happened to you.

There are many fellow sellers here who couldn’t avoid the request for refund and decided to let their works taken from them.


You can politely ask what didnt like in your work so you can be better in the future. Unfortunately if you didnt do anything wrong there always be some buyers that gives bad stars (so far i have only met really nice buyers) but i know there are some cases. Make sure you make more sales with better rate really soon so this wont affect you.

Maria S.




What gig was it? Was it the YouTube promotion one? If so, you could remove the things like “If you don`t like my work. I will give you money back.”. He also mentions proof. Maybe attach proof of work done if possible (if you didn’t/don’t already).


can you pick your client before the order is made? oh by the way, i am new here :slight_smile:


I think communication matters a lot. If you contact and inform your client about everything then your buyer would give you full stars