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Against on minimum 4.5 positive rating for sending Buyer request


I am strongly disagree with the policy of fiverr that any seller should have minimum 4.5 positive rating for sending Buyer request. It’s discourage New sellers even sometimes on experienced sellers.

You can not expect to get 5 rating out of 5 specially on any creative services like graphic or any design related service. So i think fiverr authority should take necessary steps to solve this issue.

I hope all fiverr community members will be agree with my opinion.



I disagree. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to ensure that you are successful and can use every part of the site you want. You need to EARN that right by being a great seller that earns positive reviews. In addition, don’t depend upon the Buyer Request section for all of your sales. Learn how to effectively market and promote your gig(s), and get out into the world and connect to your target customers.


All your less than 5 star reviews which have brought your rating below 4.5 have been due to late deliveries which have been cancelled.

Deliver your orders on time and there won’t be a problem. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t agree.

I you want to send requests at buyers request area, you should, at least, prove previously you are good enough to be able to send a request for a buyer who doesn’t know you.

Lowering this rate would discourage buyers to send a request.

If it lowers to 4.0, there would be sellers with 3.9 rating complaining about this too, till we get on 1.0.

Fiverr is priming on quality, so if you don’t achieved at least the minimum of 4.5 (which is lower to maintain or upgrade your level), you should do better to get there.


I also disagree with you. You don’t have to be perfect or get all 5 star ratings to stay above the minimum. You do have to demonstrate a certain degree of proficiency to apply to buyer requests and that is how it should be. Deliver on time, communicate and behave like a professional and then you’ll have less to complain about.