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Against TOS? Pokemon Sword and Shield

I know it’s against TOS to share personal information, but what about among sellers in the forums? (It’s not like you can chat to the person if you are friends on the Nintendo Switch) If it’s not against, is anyone else playing Pokemon Sword/Shield and wants to do raids from time to time?


not understanding! can you make your questions clear?

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Er, I’m not sure how much clearer I can make it. It’s against terms of services to have contact outside of fiverr, but this forum is mostly sellers and if you are friends on the Nintendo Switch, there is no chat system. I am asking if it is against the terms and services still, and if it’s not, if there is anyone else playing the same game, would they like to play together?

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Ohh! Probably no chance

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Is it in regards to your gig offering? If so, a clear answer hasn’t been provided yet. It’s best to ask CS about this to stay safe.