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Age of a seller - possible issue?

So, there are MANY gigs on being a spokesperson.
Men, women, 2 or 3 youth and some puppets.

I was looking through the search, I found some interesting ones that I might order a gig from. However…

there are people who don’t look their age. I can’t have a spokesperson that is under 18.

Is is against fiverr policy to ask age? what about just asking if he/she is under/over 18? Just like a convenience clerk would ask you if you were getting a pack of cigarettes.

If it’s against fiverr policy/rules…I found 3 sellers who can do a video in english, french and spanish. instead of me looking for 3 separate sellers. It won’t save me any money if I get one english, one french and one spanish speaking sellers over one that speakers all 3 languages.

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Yes you can ask their age for that purpose. I’m not sure how you would verify it. You also would not be able to ask their real name or contact information so simply knowing an anonymous persons age without any proof of who they are might not help.

I did not know we are not even allowed to share our real name. Thanks for the help, will keep that in mind.

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many people have their names as usernames and on their bios they have: hello my name is John…

Yeah I know everything someone can say can be fake on answers.

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