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Age Restriction?

Hello there, just wondering whether you have to be a certain age to sell on fiverr? Just a question :slight_smile:

You have to be at least 13 as I recall.

Hey there @misscrystal

Thanks for letting me know, I was just wondering, considering I am 15 years of age.

I do better work than most people who are many years older than me, and I was just wondering whether age had anything to do with it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for letting me know :slight_smile:


If they allow you, it can be safer to have a parent or adult sibling let you sell on an account they can monitor. It is easier to get paid using an adult’s account and your profile can still have all your info, just get someone over 18-21 to help. People like talented younger sellers, so if your sales do great, the adult coverage can help you with varied county/state contract enforcement issues, etc. Just a thought. Many families/couples do Fiverr as a team under one account.

So if I were 13, I would be allowed to become a seller on fiverr?

Yes, have you not read TOS? And the alarming thing is, you’ve clearly already made an account.

Yes. We had a few success stories of very young teenage sellers posted on here.

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Yeah, I just couldn’t find the Terms of Service, or I wouldn’t have asked. And even if I were 13, and the minimum required age would be over 13, I would have immediately terminated my account.

Cool, thanks! Great to know…

So, you have an account but you’re under 13?

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I am technically 13 im born on 2007

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I will not further disclose any personal Information on this page, but I am older than 12.

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@jilianbrasse not you, I was meaning @anvith_619 as he said he isn’t 13 yet.


I am 13
Whats 2007-2020
Its 13

Maybe wait a bit longer…

Well, it depends what end of 2007. Someone born December 2007 for example is still 12. If you were born say, January 2007, then yes you’re 13. It depends if you’ve already had your birthday this year or not, but you said you haven’t. Therefore, you are not 13 years old.

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Its my brother account
I just use it

Oh ok
So i will wait 1 more month I will be 13
I am born on june 9th

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Edit that comment and take out your date of birth. But, you aren’t 13 yet. Therefore, you can’t be on the site.

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Thanks I will do it