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Age vs. Likelihood of Purchase


As a teen on Fiverr who sells services that most “professionals” (people who have either completed high school or have gone to college to study in the same field) sell, I wanted to run a little experiment.

Question: If two buyers were selling a gig at a similar price(say the teen was $5/100 words and the “professional” were $5/80 words) and they both had similar reviews, would you trust the seller who was open about his/her age of 16 years old or would you feel more comfortable purchasing from the seller with more experience?


  • Yes
  • No

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Let’s see what the forum can brew up :mage:


(this may or may not be because I want to see what would happen if I was more open about being a teenage seller in my real Fiverr Bio) I just want to see if people would pass just because they’d think I’m an immature teenager who doesn’t care about the quality of his work.


This is actually two questions in one sentence but the options are either yes or no, so can you put it so that we can answer yes or no to just one question?

The way you asked it, it is not a yes or no question.

So far someone answered no but what are they saying no to, the first question or the second?

You are asking would you trust seller A more, or would you trust seller B more?

And the choices are either yes or no. Do you see what I mean?


buyer buy gig…not sell the gig…

Also for me …the comparison is in between the experienced seller and a new comer seller…age does not matter.


Everybody claims to be a professional on 5r. Do you know how many professional proofreaders on 5r can’t spell? How many professional article writers can’t string together a coherent sentence? Anyone can lie about their age on 5r.

Unless I know the seller (worked with them before) I don’t trust any made up credential on 5r.

I’d go with the seller, regardless of age, who doesn’t use stock photos and who has a nice gig page.


What Miss Crystal and Gina said, and, in addition to Gina´s “I’d go with the seller, regardless of age, who doesn’t use stock photos and who has a nice gig page.”, for me, it also would depend very much on the kind of gig and what I want.
To pick a simple example, if I´d want someone to write me song lyrics about a specific topic that someone under a certain age simply won´t have any or much experience with, age would matter, on the other side, it would matter also if I´d want something like song lyrics or an article about a specific topic from a young person´s POV.

You could try to set up a gig that´s specifically working with the advantages your young age may have for certain work, but, of course, that might mean some people would pass because your age then becomes obvious and they don´t think you´re suited for their project. Try it out?


On top of what everyone here said, I want to add one more thing.

The last time you were here, you did fantastic. Matter of fact, I hired you specifically, because of your age. I needed something that I felt a teenager would understand better than a grown up. If you remember what I asked you to write for me.

To be frank, had you not told me you were 13 then, I would not have known. You are a great writer. I’d hire you again as soon as you have article writing gig up.

P.S. May I suggest a photo like you had last time vice the kitty. Don’t get me wrong, that is a cute kitty, but a picture of you gives me the feeling you are a real person. Well, I know you are but the potential new buyer don’t know you.


Like Gina, I don’t think the “professional” gig would necessarily win out. Both gigs would need to prove their value to me regardless of the age or listed qualifications etc.

What I would ask is what would be the advantages of stating your age as I don’t see it.
I remember when I was a teen (riding around on my dinosaur) that people said that I wouldn’t be taken seriously til I was 18. When I reached 18, there were people who said I couldn’t be management material til I was over 25. When I was 25, I needed to be in my late 30’s for some people to take me seriously. Now in my late 30’s, there are people who question if I am capable or “young enough” to keep up with the constant evolution of marketing and SEO…
What I am saying is there will always be people who discriminate one way or another so I don’t see any value in discussing age unless it is specifically relevant to a particular project or gig.


Reading back over my post, it really doesn’t make much sense lol. I wrote this right before going to bed after a long day so that may have played a part in why it was so weirdly worded.


The kitty picture was just put in place because I needed something. I’m actually planning on drawing myself to use as a profile photo because I can never find a picture that works!

o/t to Gina

I’m working on my article gig right now, as a matter of fact :grin:


Whoops, as I said earlier this was very late at night after a long day… I apologize for any mistakes.