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Aggressive buyer getting me into trouble!

Hi guys, I’ve had some serious issues with an aggressive and needy buyer and Fiverr is already hitting me with warnings about it. I’m wondering what I can do moving forward, as Fiverr support seems to be nonresponsive:

  1. Buyer reached out about helping them with an interview take-home assignment (not for academics)
  2. After some back and forth, we couldn’t agree to terms and I suggested to the buyer to look for other sellers on Fiverr and that I would not be providing my services to him at this time
  3. The buyer then proceeds to spam message me and Fiverr desktop would not allow me to block (I now see you can block via app, but I’m getting an error)
  4. The buyer purchased another gig and added a bunch of random stuff
  5. Fiverr hit me with a warning about ‘helping with academic projects’ which is not the case

I’ve tried sending support tickets to Fiverr but have not heard anything back yet. If I was able to block the buyer in the first place, I wouldn’t be in this predicament. I’m worried about the warning they hit me with, the order I will likely need to cancel, and this buyer being a menace and taking down my Fiverr account with aggressive activity.

What can I do?


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Yikes. You can send a message to Gather all the evidence (screenshots and such), quote the relevant ToS/Community Standards. Be sure to stay polite and professional.


Thanks! I sent in 2 messages via the support message feature here, but will emailing directly be different/faster? There was a warning that multiple messages may delay support, so I don’t want to mess with that if that’s the case

One ticket. One email.
Anything more is, indeed, too much and risks being ignored as spamming an already overburdened CS.

Okay great! I’ll wait and see what happens and if need by, email directly to thanks!

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