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Aggressive Buyer / Threats


Hello there,

I had a buyer recently order some gigs. They wanted me to respin a few articles for them. I informed them that my gig very specifically states that I do not respin articles, require contact prior to bulk orders, and reserve the right to refuse, and requested a mutual cancellation. The buyer denied my request, then for some odd reason sent me a cancellation request. This happened in the span of about 10 minutes.

The buyer, then messaged me saying, “I will allow you to cancel, but I will not review you favorably when I order gigs from my other accounts.” - This is fraud right? I mean, he’s clearly stating that he’s going to order gigs from other accounts and review me unfavorably regardless of the quality of content, just to affect my rating and future sales.

Tips, suggestions?



Hope everything goes okay. Feel free to reach out again if you need more help!


Reply to @david388: Users can’t remove their profiles on their own. Only Fiverr can delete a profile.


UPDATE: from customer support -

“You are correct, thanks for reaching out to us. Individuals may only have one active Fiverr account, or make threats to sellers. I have forwarded your message to our Trust & Safety team for review. Due to our privacy policy we will not be able to disclose the action, if any, that is taken. Thank You!”


Reply to @nickwilk: What the buyer did is wrong and I’m very glad you reported it. The others are right about the name, though. It doesn’t look good to break rules while complaining about a rule-breaking buyer so I would remove the name even if the account is gone. Otherwise I sure hope you can guard against the jerk! Good luck!


Hi @nickwilk,

Wow! What a stressful situation. I’m glad that you posted to the Forum so that we could share our input.

Here’s my input -

First: definitely accept the cancellation.

Second: avoid any other interaction that could escalate the situation with this Buyer

Third: take LOTS of screenshots, and send a detailed report to the Customer Support team. They may be able to catch his other accounts, if he’s used the same IP address. This is clearly against Fiverr Terms of Service, so if they do, they can easily shut him down.

Let us know what happens!


@nickwilk, I just checked the Buyer name that you had included (before our fellow Fiverr-ers started scolding you! :slight_smile: ) and it seems like this person has already removed their profile. Very suspicious behavior. I’d absolutely send this to Customer Support ASAP in case this means they have less time to track his IP.


I’d report him to fiverr support…


Tell customer support, you aren’t allowed to have multiple accounts or threaten people so I’m sure they’ll look into it and hopefully remove his accounts. I know some people on here have had issues with Customer Support but I’ve had quick responses both times I’ve had issues/questions and they’ve been able to help me both times so I would definitely just contact them and let them know what happened. A screenshot of that message would probably help but I think you’ve said enough in what you wrote right here for them to help!


Reply to @nickwilk: It’s in the Forum’s Do’s and Dont’s ( Calling out other users isn’t allowed. :slight_smile:


Definitely send a screenshot of that message (and anywhere else he was being a jerk) to CS. If he’s got multiple accounts, they should (might?) be able to find them and close them all, since it’s against the rules to have more than one account. Of course, he can always just make a new account, so be on the lookout.

p.s. You might want to remove his username from your post or a sheriff will appear out of the ether to scold you for naming and shaming.


I will definitely remove the name if told to do so. I posted it because I thought it would be wise to allow other sellers to know who to avoid, etc. If that’s not cool I’ll take that out. :slight_smile: Thank you all for the advice! I sent a message to support, along with the screen shots. I will keep you updated.