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Aggrrh! - 1234567890

Listen, Fiverr. You and your profile picture security, because it’s not mine or genuine,si is a pile of %A.

6 pictures with the last being a silhouette I drew and it still didn’t allow me to add it.



I can tell you are quite upset but I’m afraid I can’t really understand what you are angry at/about.
Is it a bug of some sort? Have you tried contacting CS about your problem?


:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:
Sometimes it happens. Just contact CS and they will look into this for you. Silhouettes are just black photo with no face features so they will definitely not get approved. Only photos that shows the face features clearly will get approved if you are uploading a human photo.

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The rules about the profile pictures are:

Profile Image

Your profile image should be unique and real. We recommend uploading a picture of yourself to add that personal touch to your profile. You can also upload an image that reflects the type of services you offer.


  • Do not use images from the web.
  • Do not use images that you don’t have the copyrights for.
  • Do not include “Fiverr” badges in your profile image.
  • Avoid using a lot of text in your profile image.


Yeah, I did upload a picture of myself. Then a couple pictures I had taken.

Your auto deny feature is crap.

If none of this is helpful to you contact Customer Support:

We are just buyers and sellers on the forum.



It’s not my feature, I don’t own Fiverr.

As @lloydsolutions said, we’re just Fiverr users, sellers and buyers. And we’re spending our free time trying to help you figure out what might be causing the problem.


Yeah, I meant their. It’s more of a public sign of frustration and not really I expect Fiverr to fix. I’m not a seller, so my profile picture isn’t as important. But it still is a horrible deny all and ask us to fix it approach.

But they let me add a picture of a BMW… :thinking::roll_eyes::smirk: