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Ahh, dont you love one day delivery?

Ahh, don’t you love one-day delivery? people who don’t respond till the last second, they don’t even give you what they want you to change they just say, “improve my logo”. yeah, I’m getting one of those lol.


One-day delivery is great - for the buyer. I sell my services at 1-day-delivery, and I rarely have this issue. If I do however, I’ll just dispute the order. I don’t have time for bad buyers to ruin my day, so if they don’t want to answer until the last second, then I’ll dispute and require more time.

I started out selling my gigs for 5USD. I quickly learned that to get away from the bad buyers I had to increase my price. So I did, and it worked.


Thanks for the advice!

I don’t. That’s why I never offer it.

There were a few people who’ve requested custom offers for some good $$ and still, it was such a headache every single time. They wanted things done “by tomorrow” not realizing that their “tomorrow” and my “tomorrow” could be 12 hours apart. They’d forget to attach some crucial file which would make it impossible for me to start working on the project. They’d disappear for a week after I’d bust my behind to deliver strictly on time because urgent things has stopped being urgent. It’s just not for me, I guess.

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I can’t say I’ve had any issues as someone who offers 24 hour delivery, I was charging $5 around 3 months ago and I have to say it was very mentally and physically draining but now that I’m charging 4x that, I don’t have those same feelings anymore. I guess it also helps that I don’t offer revisions and instead charge for each and every one. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I only ever had one issue with a buyer around that time and it was just poor communication on their end. Apart from that, it’s been smooth sailing.