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Ahhh disturbing..... This is the second time they removed LEVEL 2 status


I am doing all my jobs on time and getting good amount of orders and positive feed back, but don,t know what’s the problem that this is the second time they removed my level 2 status, is this the problem with the system or they do it by their own.

This is quite disturbing though… working day and night to maintain good repo…

What must be the problem ?


I see my level 2 badge here… but its not there at my gigs page, check it out here…


I see that your level has been removed, the forum does take a little while to sync with the main site. There’s nothing you can do here I’m afraid but speak to the customer support guys they may be able to help.

Bets of luck


I did send mail to Customer Support and waiting for their reply… lets see…


No i did not cancel any orders from long time, my sales decreased from past few days… in a day i used to get more than ten orders but now its just 3 or 4 max…


Let us know how you get on


your level is back :slight_smile:


Hey woho! i got my LEVEL2 back, thank you all…

But i must share this with you all that don’t just send mails to fellow fiverr members that you collect my gig and i will do the same, i now realized that the problem started when i sent more than 10 mails to the members here for collection of the gigs, so the system here thought that it may be spam or what… and they removed my badge.

So careful and Happy gigging.