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What hobby would you get into if :alarm_clock: and :moneybag: weren’t an issue :question:


I would spend more time starting my new cult.



Concept artist, but with more emphasis on environment design/illustration, painting composition & color theory.

These are the topics dearest to my soul & eyes.


Lock picking (just for the fun of it) and 32k-piece puzzles. I can afford to learn the basics of lock picking, but I don’t have the time. As for 32k-piece puzzles…I definitely can’t afford the space I’d need for one of those.


Sailing :slight_smile:


I would time-travel. That sounds like a fun hobby. :slight_smile:


is it possible to time travelling . If not not to worry . Real time travelling


I guess I’ll never find out… because I’m too busy earning money on Fiverr to pursue time-traveling as a hobby. :wink:


Playing Chess :crown:

  1. I’d be trying to perfect Internet Marketing.
  2. I’d be driving through some remote, almost inaccessible part of Trinidad & Tobago.


What is your image of your new cult?


Anime, gaming, game developing, and probably learning new languages.


After watching detective shows, I too would like to learn lock picking … .just to say I can. :wink:

I have helped my granddaughter work on her 10K jigsaw puzzle. It is fun and relaxing.


Sorta like this;


My granddaughter loves to draw anime and she is quite good at it. I think she could do a gig on Fiverr. :grinning: I would love to learn a language. Maybe Norwegian. Or Romanian. Or Scottish, because I love the book series. “Outlander”. It is on HBO now.


@misscrystal Would men be allowed to join your cult? :grin:


Maybe, if they measure up


Be sure to send me the membership requirements.


I do not intend to be disrespectful by the question I am going to ask. I truly do not understand your image. You want to form a cult of women with big lips and long blonde hair who appear to be having a good time bobbing their heads in response to some music?


Happy Birthday! Is that cake for your Fiverr anniversay or is it your birthday?