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I am level 2 seller. My question is why buyers don’t mark the order as complete after receiving work?

The order should be marked as completed within three days if the buyer doesn’t respond. If you need feedback it might be worth sending them a message though; a few times Fiverr hasn’t notified me of updates on gigs, and your buyer might have that same problem.

Many buyers just aren’t going to take the time to mark an order complete and rate you. It’s a shame, but it’s tricky to fix. For me it turned out the best way to get ratings was to seriously over-deliver especially to get the first 25 or so.

I started out also asking them for excellent ratings, but I stopped doing it. I could tell that some buyers felt pressured by it and realized that asking could go the wrong way. Since all delivered gigs auto-complete in 3 days it really isn’t any big deal except it delays payment a little longer.

Buyer appreciated my work but didn’t mark it complete. That’s why I am feeling sad.

Reply to @rabiaucp: I doubt it means anything except that he is busy. Don’t let those minor things make you sad or you will spend lots of time unhappy. Take pride in the work you do and be happy that you got an order at all. Many sellers don’t get orders. If the buyer expressed appreciation, that is extra frosting on the cake. When one gives you a good review, that’s a cherry on top!

Sometimes you will have tough times on Fiverr. You’ll hit a dry spell, get a cancellation or negative review, or have a very difficult client. This is especially true for sellers with writing gigs and who are not native English speakers. Stay positive on the smaller stuff and save your energy for those truly rough events.

It is just human nature. Don’t worry about it.

yea , only about half of the people I turn gigs into will leave a rating even though they sound totally excited about the finished product. They just dont think about it and they don’t know how important it is to rate the fiverr sellers.

most of all , the really picky ones that love your work sometimes rate you a 4.5 without knowing that its like giving a B- here on fiverr… Totally something you shouldnt stress about because its a waste of time to try to worry about that rather than completing your next order. Good luck tho!

yes some buyers after delivery never marked project as a complete. this is very bad for sellers reputation

some buyers don’t even bother to say to you if it is all ok or not (even that you kindly ask them to do it). you can’t do anything about it :frowning:

Yes feeling helpless. We sellers do our best and can’t do anything.