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Today I have receive a massage from a buyer who want design a logo, when I ask for sample he gave me a file which was block from my avast but I off the avast and save, when I want to open the file, that look like dangerous I thing that may from a thief so I did not open the file will you cheek please what is this file?

I am attached with here.

But you should careful don’t open directly you can be fall in danger.

Thanks all.

ohh I was trying but the file was not attached here.

you should check the file format first then open it

Thank you for your advice warning all users. We should all have anti virus softwares installed to make sure nobody tries to play hanky panky with us.

yes the file format was like a software .exe

The forums are not intended as a substitute for Customer Support. Please do not attempt to attach potentially dangerous files or include potentially dangerous links. The forums are good for general questions, tips and ideas. Other things should be sent to Customer Support.

don’t open .exe fills. definitely it’s a virus. logos never come’s with exe fils.