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ALERT - Beware of Gig providers who run a mile if you request revision

All buyers. Just be careful. FIVERR is great site, the concept is good and is an opportunity for buyers and sellers. BUT, remember, your dealing with someone who you cant see, can lie as much as like and can run a mile when they want to. My experience is on FIVERR, for stuff like design, FIVERR should be your last resort! Until FIVERR deals with unprofessional gig providers gradually many parts (or gig category) will gradually fade out…I certainly have had my business effected seriously by unprofessional and time wasting tricks played by gig sellers. In business, time is more important than the money!

I am dealing with that right now. I asked for specific colors for my logo and the provider sent me something totally different. I paid extra too cover revisions and it seems like he is trying to force me to use all of them on stupid things to force me to have to pay for more revisions. It’s just ridiculous and wildly frustrating. The sellers should understand that repeat customers are more valuable than a one shot rip off.

To inject a little perspective here, if you are a business who needs a logo, great sales copy or your website tweaked, you would expect to pay at least $100 from a seller anywhere else online and double that in the real world. (At least).

With Fiverrs base price of $5 for many services, buyers need to understand that while many sellers will supply high-quality work, $5 (or a similar budget fee) doesn’t get buyers in depth initial consultations, unlimited revisions or revisions of work simply because a buyer has decided to tweak or change something.

Time is money. This being the case, I personally will not offer revisions on work unless I have made a significant error or clients are willing to pay for such.

A rising problem on Fiverr however, is that many people buy work on Fiverr with the intention of selling it on to their own clients in a professional capacity. This is why every writer gets at least 50 orders each month for SEO company about pages and every graphic designer gets a similar amount of requests to make eye-catching ‘we are the world’s best graphic design company’ banners.

The problem then is that the end clients of such middlemen businesses DO require in-depth consultations and DO require unlimited revisions. That, after all, is why they didn’t willingly come to Fiverr in the first place. Problems, therefore, arise when middlemen (or women) get frustrated when sellers won’t supply extra revisions or supply work which is not 100% geared toward their end clients needs.

In either case, neither of these issues are the fault of sellers who work in any gig category. They are the product of a Chinese Whisper like communication system between them and end clients whom they can never actually communicate with directly.

If your business is suffering due (as you say) to being let down by Fiverr sellers, I would assume that you yourself are reselling services. Moreover, if this is the case, your problem possibly really lies with you misrepresenting your own services to your clients.

Also, from a professional business background, the last thing any business does is repeatedly do business with service providers who routinely let them down. If you are and are struggling to find a seller who you can work with on a regular basis to ensure that you always get the same quality of work, you should probably take a step back and work on fine-tuning your overall procurement strategy.

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I agree with you if it’s taking quite long. take help of fiverr support. they 'll tackle it nicely…

I really like the way you’ve put it. Fiverr is not perfect but it’s a marketer’s best bet of finding value at a very cheap price. And people who offer their services on fiverr do it because they love what they do (at least some). So, when a buyer requests for 5 revisions on a 5 dollar order, I think that’s cheating.

Very well said. I get a lot of requests to get involved into the arbitrage game and it’s most of the time when shit already hit the fan for the buyer, who is trying to resell services he doesn’t understand.

If the seller copied something he stole from someplace he can’t do a revision.

I had a client who wanted to me to create a complete website for $45. This included e-Commerce integration and payment gateway setup with 10 product uploads with images.

I refused the offer and then he came back after 3 days telling me that I only have to create a simple website and he is also not rich to spend $300. I wasn’t busy at that time so I offered my services for $40 for a simple website with 4 customizations.

As soon as he placed the order, his attitude changed. He became bossy and started talking to me rudely.

I didn’t do anything. I just wanted to complete the website.

After 2 days of order placement, he sends me a document in which he requested/threatened me to configure E-Commerce, Payment gateway and blog section with login security and WordPress core modification.

I mutually cancelled the order which really pissed him off.

He told me that he will take legal actions against me because the delay from my end made him lose a lot of money.

My reply: I don’t know how much money you’ve lost. But assuming from the total budget of your project, which is $45, I can tell you must have lost around $10 Million.

If you want to take legal actions, I will send my attorney your way.

I didn’t hear much from his side after that.

So, in short, if you want mindblowing service, spend generously. If all you can spend is $5, don’t let your expectations touch the sky. $5 = 10 minutes of work.

I have had clients who paid around $200 for a single logo. They were happy with the final product and ordered my services multiple times.

Most buyers coming to fiverr think the sellers are desperate. Even if am so so so desperate i can never design a website for less than $75. You really made the right decision of cancelling that order. I believe very much in delivering quality and if a buyer needs excellent quality he/she should be ready to pay for it.

I don’t offer revisions for free, why because time = $ and because I specifically tell ppl to send me a msg first to set up the gig, I then send a sample and ask for verbal confirmation that it is EXACTLY what they were after, if they agree and say yes, send me the gig, then that is final, if they want a revision after they verbally committed to the project, then they have to pay for the privilege, they only have themselves to blame if they change their minds afterwards, that’s not my fault now is it?

I agree…Time is all that matters and how sellers can refuse for revisions if they agreed to provide that…I know there are many such fake sellers here and you may have that bad experiences but that is all because no one knows the way to find out and differentiate about fake or real sellers…

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What did you buy and how much money you spend?

So you think this is clear.

Money is time and time is money.
Money is the quality and the quality needed money

I recently ordereda gig. The first concept wasn’t too great so I decided to do a revision. The seller messaged me stating that I should not have submitted any modifications because it lowers their ratings is that true? If so why give unlimited revisions? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

You address some valid points, but as a business owner I do understand that designing a logo could cost upwards of $500 to even $1000. But having said that, I am paying designers here for premium packages and the service rendered most of the time is average to very good, but that is not my problem.

We are dealing here for the most part with individuals that have no comprehension of business or business etiquette. To have to wait hours to days on end just to hear back from a designer who puts in a reply and then disappears for another day is simply BULLSHIT.

And as others have said before, a designer will gain future work not because of their designs, but because of their overall ability to work hard and collaborate with buyers.