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Alert Fiverr Sellers! fraudulent and scammer People is on Fiverr


On 30 May, I received a message from buyer (@rachel4all) on

“Hello dear friend i am Mrs Rachel Simpson im new here please kindly contact me with my email ( have an important urgent project you can help me do”

I contacted buyer through email… and After two day he\she send me a long email (read below)

"Dear Friend,

It is understandable that you may be a bit apprehensive because you do
not know me, I am writing this mail to you with serious tears in my
eyes and great sorrow in my heart, I decided to contact you due to the
urgency of my situation. I want to tell you this because I do not have
any other option than to tell you as I was touched to open up to you.i
first message through sorry for my late reply i went for a

I am a widow i lost my husband 3 years ago through plane crash, we
were married for eleven years without a child. When my late husband
was alive he deposited the sum of Four million, Eight Hundred and
Sixty Thousand dollars ($ 4,860,000.00) with one of the banks here in
Benin Rep, because we earlier had plans of having a charity firm
Here in Benin rep where he work as an oil company supervisor
Meanwhile, right now i have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer and
it defied all forms of medical treatment right now i have only about
few months to live The one that disturbs me most is my stroke
sickness. Having known my condition I decided to hand you over this
mission to take care of the less-privileged, you will utilize this
money the way I am going to instruct herein. I want you to take 20% of
the total money for your personal and family use While 80% of the
money will go to charity work "helping people in the street and less

Because I grew up as an Orphan and I do not have anybody as my family
member As soon as I receive your reply I shall link you up with the
bank.Please kindly contact me back with the following information:.
Your last name and first name, your exact address and your mobile /
house / office telephone contact, and an identification Card such as
drivers license or international passport data page so I can forward
them to my bank and have you present to the bank as the next person in
charge of this fund, so that if i die anytime, the situation will not
be complicated.

I count on your goodwill and especially on the proper use of these funds.
Please reply me through my email address.thanks from Mrs Rachel Simpson Eko"

What do you think???

The message is a clear scam. Contacting the user by email is ToS violation. This has been left up as a double caution. OP: Do not ever contact a Fiverr user (scammer or not) outside Fiverr.


How can people still fall for those sorts of messages? I guess it still works from time to time, otherwise they wouldn´t exist anymore.


Have you read fiverr terms ? contacting a client outside of fiverr could get your account terminated…


Oldest scam still active. Thanks for alerting those who do not know.


Don´t fall for that.


Definitely a scam, I’ve had something similar myself.


Many of us got that but you are the first one to admit on the forum you contacted her by email . This is strictly forbidden.


I have seen that same one all over the internet wow hard to believe anyone would fall for it


I got the same message from a different person, Just after second i received it, I reported the message


Hello, please do not contact out side of fiverr otherwise your account will be block by fiverr :frowning: so be careful.


The more people report these scams the better. I posted about this several days ago. We have to work together to make Fiverr a safer place to do business.




Just kidding. I guess.


I contacted that woman and got the money:)


It’s a scam. You should report to fiverr. If a buyer ask you to contact him/her on email.


It is a fraud old model.

I often receive emails like that.

They just want your paypal address.
Then they will be hacked easily.

Or your account number.
And they have the software scans the password.

Do not believe the load of bullshit like them


Not a good idea… first of all fiverr is strictly against contacting buyers outside fiverr… you should go through their TOS. You need to ignore such buyers for the best.


same here!


Never respond to such Messages.Report them to fiverr customer support.


What? Now you tell me it’s a scam. I already quit my job and was looking forward to being rich. Dang